Cockpit is a HTML5 app for creating panes and windows in Tmux.



screenshot of Cockpit app
1. configure your workspace
screenshor of Tmux after running Cockpit
2. start coding :)
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What is Tmux?

Tmux is a terminal multiplexer. In other words, you can create multiple terminal sessions on a single terminal window. The catch is, you can easily switch between these terminal sessions and each session can consist of multiple panes and windows running several shell commands.

tmux concept diagram
How do I install Tmux?

It is pretty easy to install Tmux. On Ubuntu and derivatives `sudo apt-get install tmux` or `brew install tmux` on Mac.

Why Cockpit?

The idea is to reduce the time we spend on configuring our Tmux sessions. Its a one time configuration and run it whenever you need it. For example, I can configure a pane that runs an editor (Vim), a pane to run my web server and a pane for my task automators. Call it ‘work’ and run the script whenever I am working on my office related works. Similarly, you can create multiple sessions on testing, AWS servers, personal projects and switch between them whenever you need it.

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“Made with love”

This tool is designed and developed by a triad called 27AE60 based out of Bengaluru, India. We as a team love developing tools and researching product ideas. We build this tool to keep us productive as well as you. Cheers!